Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund

BEB: Counselling office for posted workers, EU citizens exercising the free movement of labour, and self-employed people with unclear labour status

Are you temporarily employed in Berlin or surroundings?

Have you been posted to Germany by an employer from another EU Member State?

Have you been asked to register as self-employed (‘Gewerbe’)?

Are you a seasonal worker?


Do you have questions regarding the legal situation of your employment?

  • Which legal provisions apply to my employment contract?

  • What does it imply for my social insurance?

  • Which safety and occupational health provisions can I request from my employer?

  • What can I do if I don’t receive the agreed wage?

  • What wage level am I actually entitled to?

  • What happens if I get fired?

  • What does it mean when I register as self-employed?


    Please contact us!
    We listen to you and offer counselling and support for free!
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You can find us:

Beratungsbüro für entsandte Beschäftigte 
Monika Fijarczyk, Laura Chelebet, Ruxandra Empen and Bettina Wagner
Keithstraße 1-3, 10787 Berlin

Telephone: 030 21240-145
Fax: 030 210006613
3rd Fl. Room 315 / 316




Consultation hours:

Languages Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10-15  10-18 9-18 9-14 9-12
  14-18 9-15 9-14 9-11 
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  14-18 9-15 9-14 9-11
    14-18   9-12
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